As you read the New Testament you see in almost every church  that the Apostle Paul planted a willingness on the part of that church to share in the needs of other churches and other believers. This kind of selfless generosity was almost a prerequisite for Paul and the churches that he planted. The idea of sharing your blessings with those in need was a Christian characteristic that became a means of blessing … both for the giver and receiver. The closest thing to this kind of Kingdom commitment that we see in the church today is found in the budgets of local church missions ministries. This money … money that is budgeted to be given to other “works” and other “workers” is part of a long tradition of one body of believers sharing with another body of believers that goes back to biblical times. Sharing the blessings that God has given us with other people in other places who are, as we are, committed to  proclaiming the name of Christ … is a Christ-like behavior that is sure to bless the giver and the “getter.”

The faith family of Greeley Wesleyan is very intentional about the mission of ministering to those in need in our community and around the world who may never set foot in our building. Each month we will be focusing on ONE Thing – ways that you and your family can be involved in missions in very practical ways.

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 Global Missions

Guatemala Trips

We partner with several organizations in Guatemala to bring positive change to an impoverished community. To learn more about upcoming mission trips and to get involved, please click here.


Currently we support 20 missionaries around the world. For a list of our missionaries, please click here.

Rebecca A. Wilson Girls Home

On February 8, 2016 the Rebecca A. Wilson Girls Home in Bangladesh opened.  It will provide a safe place for underprivileged girls to live and attend school. Thanks to the generous support of this project lives are being changed.  For complete details on the Rebecca A. Wilson Girls Home, please click here.

Local Missions

Community Outreach Center

A Greeley Wesleyan we are committed to making a difference in our community. Our Community Outreach Center is located in downtown Greeley and provides clothing, food, diapers, and more to people in need free of charge.